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Rezado 4/25/2014 12:21 AM
it might become a 2 splash class for that 30% doublestrike boost
Niia 4/25/2014 12:03 AM
I really do hope they get Swashbuckler right. I love the concept from books and movies but they have to get sooooo much right for it to be viable outside of a flavor build.
Niia 4/24/2014 7:10 PM
New egg hunt coupons:
Niia 4/24/2014 4:08 PM
Bard PRE Swashbutler overview here:
Niia 4/24/2014 4:07 PM
Hall of the Mark quest is closed:
Niia 4/24/2014 4:07 PM
True Rez, that was a mess
Rezado 4/24/2014 3:20 PM
hopefully it not being tracked by the same tracker that was used for the 20th raid completions...
Percephore 4/23/2014 10:58 PM
nice to know that the sagas are still being tracked. its not the same playing a chain when you know youre not getting the saga reward
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